Would this make me a VoIP phone service?


Ok, I have a few questions I am hoping I can get cleared up.

We currently have FreePBX deployments out there in which we bill a monthly maintenance fee and they have their service though a SIP provider that we have a partner agreement with. All is fine with this setup.


I have a few customers and possible customers who want to have our maintenance service but do not want to have to pay 2 or more bills every month for phone service.

So, would it make us a VoIP service provider, for us to bill the customer for both the sip service and our monthly fee.
So, more detailed break down - we would either become the billing contact for the customer for their sip service and we pay the sip service then bill the customer for our service and sip on one bill.

We would pay the USF fees that the provider charges, so they would be paid.

Does it make any difference on the following also:
Using unmetered trunks vs metered and billing the customer a flat rate.
If the additional trunks our on our account vs an account setup for the customer.
On premise PBX vs a hosted box we setup?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Yes if you charge a customer for VoIP service even if resold you become responsible party to collect and pay those taxes and fees and the over 1500 other ones that exist depending where the service is.

is there any other way to simplify the process for the customer other than having a bunch of bills possible for origination / termination / maintenance / etc - w/o having to become a phone service? We are in Ohio

Have SkyKing do it for you, he’s local and knows how to do it :slight_smile:

I think I may have spoken to Rick a long time ago.

I don’t think I spoke to you - I think its was your new account person but that was about trunks, so unrelated topic.