Would like to send email when caller number has been found in internal phonebook

Dear community,

is there a way to have freepbx send an alert email when a caller phone number has a match in the internal phonebook?


Caller ID Superfecta can be programmed to all sorts of crazy stuff. This would be pretty simple. All you need to do is write it.

I have now setup a web app where freepbx can make http requests and send caller number to, like: http://myhost.local/lookup-number/[number]

What i am struggling with now, is how does return data have to be structured to be read by freepbx?
I have not found a fitting module in superfecta and what seems to be the most straightforward way is to use ‘caller id lookup sources’ to make an http request.
But how would the answer have to be for freepbx to parse it correctly?

Or is there a whole other way i should need to go about this?

If you’re URL returns name data, then you would use the Regular Expression Superfecta module with a URL of:


and then structure a regex that isolates the name from the returned data. If the url only gives a name in text format, a regex of


If there is more to the returned data, tweak the regex such that only the name is included in parentheses.

If you want to send the name data back to the URL you would use the “Send to URL” Superfecta module.

Thanks a lot!
That worked.


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