Working with 3 asterisk boxes

Dear All,

I am running 3 asterisk boxes (Asterisk 1.8.3 (FreePBX 2.9.0)) on each location

asterisk HO (ext. 100 - 105)
asterisk A (ext. 100 - 105)
asterisk B (ext. 100 - 105)

How to integrate them?, so I able to call internally between each asterisk. (ie. I call ext 101 from A, B and so on)

and how to set max. concurrent internal call between HO, A & B? (ie. I want only 5 users are able to connect from A to HO … or A to B … and so on)

could any body please help?

many thanks in advance


Setup IAX2 trunks between the boxes HO to A, HO to B and A to B, use from-internal context on the trunks and change extension numbers so they are different on each box, perhaps box A 200-205 and box B 300-305, then use outbound route patterns to route calls to the correct box. You can limit the number of channels available on the IAX2 trunks. It will then behave like a single PBX or with such a small number of extensions you could locate one box at HO and run all the extensions from that one box.