Word of caution when first setting up chan_dahdi.conf if you use groups


Didn’t see it before because my outgoing channels were not working due to adding the include statement ‘#include dahdi-channels.conf’ in my chan_dahdi.conf file, dahdi-channels is generated by dahdi_genconf at the command line. It useful for first generating the configuration if you have nothing in the chan_dahdi.conf (if you were using zaptel.conf you probablly renamed it chan_dahdi.conf) but it(dahdi-channels)gets overwritten every time you use dahdi_genconf and if you use groups for trunking they will be overwritten unless they are in chan_dahdi.conf… Thus DO NOT add the include statement if you use groups (you can if you NEVER run dahdi_genconf again)! The DID incoming identification for routing and outgoing calls will not work since the dahdi-channels does not know anything about your groups (at least when using TDM400’s) and since it appears after (if you use the include statement) your settings in chan_dahdi.conf will override the groups with blanks. Hope this helps someone, I wasted hours and hours figuring this out.