Won't reinvite when Ring Group target permits Follow-Me

I have a fairly old (FreePBX; Asterisk home PBX running on a VPS. Although reinvites are working properly on internal and on outgoing calls, incoming calls do not reinvite the audio, when the Inbound Route points to a Ring Group whose Extension List is e.g. 101#, 102#, 105.

Without the # after an extension number, reinvite works correctly, but Follow Me is not honored. With the #, reinvite does not occur, whether the call is answered on an extension or on a mobile specified in the Follow-Me List, or even if Follow-Me is disabled for the extension.

Cyberglobe described a related problem http://www.freepbx.org/following-the-example-below-were-you-able-to-get-followme-reinvite-an-externally-dialed-number but the described workarounds don’t allow both extension and mobile to be called.

Has this issue been fixed in a newer release? Or, is there another way to force a reinvite?