WMI on Grandstream HT702

i have a pots phone connected to FSX1 and have WMI & polling enabled, but I don’t get any indication
I have a Grandstream 1625 IP phone and the WMI is working
I have tried both a Plantronics & Panasonic pots phone

Freepbx 13, Asterisk 11.25.1 on beaglebone black


maybe the problem is how the extensions are setup for voicemail?
the IP phone is ext 104 and WMI works
the pots phone is ext 100
how do I get all my ‘house’ extensions to use the same mailbox?

Under the Advanced Settings of the Extension, set their Mailbox to [email protected] of the extension you want to monitor like so:

MANY phones can watch one mailbox.

I set [email protected] and voicemail extension to 'ext’
indicator is now showing up
however, *97 says mailbox is empty - am I missing something else?


If a phone does not have it’s own VoiceMail box, you should get the generic “Commedian Mail” when you press the VoiceMail button - the Generic Code is *98 - You might need to put that under the button - although I have never had to…

yes, that is what I get
I was hoping that *97 would work
thanks for the help


my IP phone was ext 104, the Panasonic ext 100
I wanted to change the default mailbox to 100 so that the Panasonic could use *97
I changed both to extensions to [email protected]
when I watch asterisk it is still using folder 104, not 100