Wireless analog phones

I have freepbx running, with 2 voip phones working fine via voip.ms.

I am wondering if I can somehow connect my 2 panasonic analog wireless phones using some kind of converter…

FWIW - The Free PBX is running FreePBX 15.0.23 as a VM


For small number of devices, you do this is with an ATA, analog telephony adaptor. If you have a larger number of devices it’s probably more economical to use an analog gateway. I have limited knowledge of ATAs, but I’m successfully using an old Obihai and a new Grandstream here in the house without issues.

Are you sure they really are analogue over the air (all phones have to start analogue), as I don’t think these have been made for decades. DECT is is digital, and you can get SIP base stations for DECT systems, or treat a standard base station as though it were a non-wireless analogue phone.

Thank you –

I found this and looks like it will do the job … the analog Panasonic wireless phones (2) use a line-connected base station for 1 handset, and another remote base station, so looks like I would need only a single analog port.

Thank you again – this will allow us to drop the landline when our contract with phone co expires in July…

FWIW - The 2 Panasonic phones are what we have been using for a decade with a standard analog tip and ring circuit.

HERE is the model … Panasonic KX-TG6591T (figured wld be easier to use what I have rather than buy new …

That’s DECT, so digital, even though the base station presents and analogue interface. You can treat the base station like a fixed analogue phone, or use something like Gigaset N300 IP PSTN & VoIP/SIP DECT Wireless Base Station

I haven’t researched the suitability of this, but then the Polycom ATA isn’t the most commonly used one with FreePBX, either.

Thank you for the reply — does FreePBX have a list of “supported” ATA devices ? Like a HCL for Operating systems ?

No official HCL. Pretty much any unlocked SIP device/client can be made to work with Asterisk. If you want to provision devices using the (paid commercial) Endpoint Manager module, the supported list can be found here: EPM-Supported Devices - PBX GUI - Documentation

The poly device linked above will almost certainly work, it’s a Poly rebrand of an Obihai product which have been used successfully for years with FreePBX/Asterisk. I’m still using one of their first gen Obi100 devices, still going after 10ish years.

THX - this is such a help – will be sticking with the non-endpoint manager environment for now… doesn’t surprise me about the re-branding … I have a Poly VVX410 phone, and it is very reliable with better audio than the Grandstream (which is downstairs now) .

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