Wiped hard drive

Did I miss a warning this time around?

On the Distro download page?

Or during the install? I entered a root password, and your distro nuked my USB HDD/CDROM combo that I was installing from (Zalman iODD).

How hard is it to either give a warning, or allow the user to choose which disk to install on? I realise this hasn’t changed in years (you wiped my previous iODD last time I tried the distro about 2 years ago), and I forgot to set it to CD-only mode this time around.

It’s borderline impossible to get this iODD happy again after the MBR & partition types are screwed up.

My guess is you should pretend to be an expert when installing OS’s with that hardware, generally the non expert route will assume you want to use bios device 80h (often /dev/sda) , in your case your thingy apparently :slight_smile:

No I’m afraid you’re wrong. FreePBX distro makes some wacko decision to spread itself over all available disks

80h = built in

81h = my other drive

Anyway I have my iODD working again after reflashing exFAT firmware and partitioning/formatting as such. I just have a back-catalogue of ISOs to redownload/find.

If you where in expert mode you could make your own wacko decisions.

…where’s the roll-eyes smiley?

There isn’t one.

This needs fixing as it is basically bad for the sake of how many lines of code/extra questions during install/sanity checking etc. ?

It’s been poorly thought out, simple-as.


Sorry, you don’t need to be an expert just advanced


Read the red bit and

Full Install – Advanced: This option allows manual disk partitioning and RAID volume creation.

Deary me.

You’re not getting it.

The whole FreePBX Distro, and the install process. is intended to be simple and trouble free.
It would be less trouble-free if it didn’t just decide to wipe all partitions on all drives without warning. At the very least a user would have warning, shut down, and disconnect their second drive.

As a minimum, a big warning is needed on the default install mechanism.

Consider me as someone who is enlightened in both the IT-nerd mind, and the end-user mind. I have a bit of an idea of reasonable expectations and what is or isn’t intuitive.

With respect, lack of preparation/research on your behalf especially when you have had previous “problems” would often prompt an IT-nerd to look deeper into what the previous problem was, should not prompt unnecessary anger/frustration, however you now have a “work around” so all is good I hope.

You’ve had your smart arse remarks about “pretending to be an expert”, or even not quite needing to even pretend to be an expert (“just pretend to be advanced”).


Now go play with yourself and let somebody with a bit more of a brain give this issue some consideration.

Ah an Englishman, that might explain it (I am one too)

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I am sorry but the Smart mode does just that. It detects all your drives and auto sets up software raid with them. That is why we have advanced mode to let you go through the normal 100 question installer. 97.8% of our installs are done with the smart mode which makes you only set a few things and we do the rest for you.

I think a big banner on the download page would be a start, just telling people not to do Smart install if they don’t want all disks wiping. Or even a simple choice during the anaconda installer. It’s not a tough question and even Windows makes a user decide whether to erase clean or not.

Your mechanism is even swifter than DBAN at nuking disks :smiley:

or… just put it in the text on the grub screen ? in uppercase?

Well of course when you install a ISO its wiping all your drives. In 7 years you are the first to come here and say WTF why did you wipe all my attached drives.


Full Install - Advanced (click that thingy)

Reading the wiki will typically fix your issues before you create them and blame them on the distro, developers, dog, weather…

So, you honestly don’t think it’s prudent to have a warning somewhere between booting up and picking a root password, that all attached drives will be erased?

I just don’t think these are sane defaults.

I accept that my use of a combo HDD/USB-image-mounting-CD-box is not hugely common, but it happens. I was also considering a scenario where somebody just accidentally left a USB device plugged in during install. They reboot, remove it later, and RAID is broken from the get go (and their USB device nuked).

Would anybody ever choose to have RAID across an internal drive and a USB drive?

K well if you are so strongly believe this please open a feature request at issues.freepbx.org since we are working on a whole new EL7 Distro right now we can consider a change

Ok that sounds good :slight_smile: