Winscp/tftp server help

Okay so I am making a freepbx server with cisco phones and my phones won’t pull things from the tftp server (I am using winscp) I made changes to one config file and the phone wont update can someone help me?

‘cisco phones’ covers a wide panoply . . .

Cisco 7942g

And the firmware load and how you have your DHCP and TFTP services set up, and how you created the provisioning files.

Im new so i dont know what that means sorry.

You will need to learn all this.

As a heads up, you have unfortunately chosen one of the least able and hardest to use phones though.

Ok. I have been told that a few times. I have been trying my hardest to get this to work.

Maybe start off with something easier, you can get a Yealink for $30 or so on ebay. You can get a softphone for free.

The phone is not my problem. the TFTP server is

make the tftp server verbose and post a log

verbose? what does that mean

That it will put lots of log lines in syslog confirming what gets asked for and what gets sent by name and by time (if you are using a linux tftpd server)

Okay. How would i do that? I am still learning

If you’re on the FreePBX Distro:

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