Windows Virtual PC FreePBX Distro Install

Hello All,

I am attempting to install the latest Distro 6.12.65 on a Windows Virtual PC

I have burned the ISO to a disc and select the ISO file to load in Windows PC. When I open my virtual machine, I get the green screen and select the full install of FreePBX 12. There are some messages on the screen which I don’t kow how to capture… But the install freezes after about 15 seconds. I have seen messages that syslogon daemon is not working … I can’t recover from this… and input event errors

I did try to write a USB image but windows virtual pc does not see the USB drive

The thought is that virtualization may make it easier to clone install for clients and free SOHO customers from buying additional hardware

Thanks if you can help.


BTW… I tried to make an Ubuntu machine and it also is stalling on install so I don’t think it is the distro

The Distro is going to replace any OS you have on any machine. It comes with it’s own OS variation already bundled with it, which is based on CentOS 6.x. You can install the Distro straight up if you wish or let it erased and replace the current OS and files on the system you have.

If you want to run the Distro in a Virtual Machine, you have to specify in the VM that the machine you’re running is a Linux: CentOS 6.x (or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x) machine.

If the hardware is set-up for Windows (and possibly Ubuntu), the install is going to fail.