Will Reinstalling FreePBX Erase Settings?

I don’t have access to the FreePBX GUI because FreePBX is malfunctioning, but my phone system still works.

I don’t mind doing a reinstall of FreePBX… BUT how can I make sure my settings don’t get deleted? Since my phone system is working without freePBX (except for the “company directory”), can I assume all my PBX settings (trunks, extensions, etc) are in Asterisk, and so they’ll be recognized by the new clean install of FreePBX, so I don’t need to backup ANYTHING?! I don’t know how to back anything up without the GUI actually (and my GUI-generated backup is old), so if I need to do a backup, I have no ideas what directories and files to backup before the reinstall.

As for the reinstall process, can I just uninstall FreePBX in Yum, and then reinstall it? Is there anything else I should reinstall while I’m at it?

So “yum reinstall freepbx”?? That’s it? Thanks!

As stated in your other post. It is not FreePBX that has a problem but your php setup. Yum erase freepbx and re installing wont help.

You either need to fix the php problem or do a complete fresh install

Thanks! The problem actually revealed itself upon trying to reinstall!

I went to install the only version of FreePBX in yum (2.7… i had 2.9 already). It confirmed the installation of 2 dependencies before continuing, so I stopped the installation of 2.7 right there, installed those 2 dependencies, and BAM my 2.9 was working again!! (:

Still though, I spent so much time running into lots of sticky issues when trying to install 3rd party add-ons that I want for my system before it goes live. I realize now that I should have gone with the incredible PBX distro (also free), but I didn’t know about it when I went with the AsteriskNOW distro. Incredible PBX already includes most of the third-party add-on’s I want (some of which, like TTS, don’t directly support Asterisk 1.8 and required tweaking from the folks at incredible pbx that I really would rather not do in order to get everything to work with *1.8). So, I’m going to end up wiping my system anyway I think and doing their distro :-/

I honestly don’t know why Asterisk pushes AsteriskNOW. It’s obviously aimed at newbies, but something much more complete like incrediblePBX or even freepbx’s distro is going to be much better.