Will Mysql 8+ be supported with Freepbx15?

Will Mysql 8+ be supported with Freepbx15?

I attempted to install Freepbx 15 on a system running mysql 8 and the freepbx installer just hangs:

./install -n
Assuming you are Database Root
Checking if SELinux is enabled...Its not (good)!
Reading /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf...Done
Checking if Asterisk is running and we can talk to it as the 'asterisk' user...Yes. Determined Asterisk version to be: 13.18.3
Preliminary checks done. Starting FreePBX Installation
Checking if this is a new install...Yes (No /etc/freepbx.conf file detected)
Database Root installation checking credentials and permissions..

It seems mysql 8 is likely the cause from what I have read.

Found the line here:

freepbx/installlib/installcommand.class.php changes to (around line 421):

Was wondering if there was plans to support mysql 8 in Freepbx 15 or not until a later version. Was mostly just testing latest software packages, for now will go back to mysql 5.7. Thanks for any response.

It’s not clear what the error is??

Yes it has something to do with mysql8 by default install not using root with empty password.

so I logged into mysql directly:

sudo mysql

CREATE DATABASE asteriskcdrdb;
CREATE USER 'asterisk'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'ainxi3asgefs2yu5DbsSgbf6uTy7';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON asterisk.* TO 'asterisk'@'localhost';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON asteriskcdrdb.* TO 'asterisk'@'localhost';

EDIT (removed the -n from the installer):


most questions just press enter for defaults, except the below two questions:

Database username [root]: asterisk
Database password: ainxi3asgefs2yu5DbsSgbf6uTy7

For anyone else that finds this, ainxi3asgefs2yu5DbsSgbf6uTy7 is just an example, obviously make your own.

If your on linux, or have the openssl package, here is a neat way to generate a 32 digit password for use with mysql:

openssl rand -base64 32 | tr -dc _A-Z-a-z-0-9 | head -c 32 ; echo

After those couple things the installer went just fine :slight_smile:

Did you actually look at the installer? You can define --dbpass on the command line. You dont need to modify anything.

Furthermore if you run install without the -n option it would prompt you for that. Do you even know why you are typing -n? Or are you just doing it blindly copying it from a guide?

Please run --help on the installer before continuing any further.

ouch, guess I deserve that for not looking for and reading the help.

I was just doing what had worked in previous installs was all, which was normally ./install -n

Thanks for the reply, checking out the --help now

Sorry but it’s frustrating to know that the team of people I work with that spent hours/weeks/months designing and perfecting the installer was/is kind of just pointless when people just attach -n and instead go modify the installer without investigating why they are even attaching -n…

All of the install options are specifically tailored for non-distro machines. They are there for the community. So when I see the community not using them and just modifying the installer it’s just baffling.


Aye! and I appreciate you pointing it out, its not just freepbx that I (and probably others) do that with. Often when your not sure what the problem is you just start digging in without actually stopping to read documentation/help of what might be the cause.

I removed freepbx and am trying the installer without the -n :slight_smile: after having read the --help

worked like a charm, updated my previous post for anyone that find this.

Thanks @tm1000