Will Follow-Me (Call Forward) Work with 1 Incoming Line?

Hey guys,

I did not get the hardware needed to complete the setup of my system, so I figured I would ask before actually testing the follow-me (call forward) feature.

I have 1 analog line that will be coming into the system. After hours, I want the system to ring 2 internal extentions, as well as call my cell-phone. Will the line be able to dial out with just 1 analog POTS line, or will it be tied up with the incoming call? If it uses a 3-way feature or something to accomplish the task, I could see how it would work in theory… I was just curious. Instead of pulling my hair out, I figured I would ask you guys. Also, if doing this with 1 incoming line IS possible, what features do I need to add onto the phone line? (3-way calling, call waiting, etc…).

Also, to kill two birds with one stone, if anyone could help me with the following question, I would also greatly appreciate it:

After hours, I would like incoming calls to ring two separate internal extentions simaltaneously (ring group), for about 15 seconds, but then I want follow-me to kick in and dial my cell-phone. Is it possible to do this (2 internal extentions simaltaneously)? Should I use ring group, then have a follow-me with ringall setup for one of the extentions in my ring group list… which will include my cell number. Or, would it be possible to use the follow-me ringallv2 feature to include the primary as two separate internal extentions (to ring simaltaneously)? I’m sure there is a way to do this, I’m just not sure how to go about doing it.

Thanks for any and all help!

It will work with internal lines but not with a cell phone. You need a free trunk for each number you wish to access.

Any suggestions on where to get a free trunk? All of my phones are analog (FXS, FXO)… So, would I also need a SIP address too? Any suggestions on where to get this? I wouldn’t need another incoming line, I just need a spare one to dial out to the cell-phone during off-hours (just 1 cell-phone, so I will only need one). If anyone can give me any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

And, what about ringing 2 internal lines simaltaneously with follow-me? In other words, how do I setup 2 primary lines with ringallv2?

Thanks Bill for the advice!

I ordered a second POTS line so that solves one problem. Still wondering on the simaltaneous follow-me rings on two internal lines…

Follow me will ring simul internal lines.

By the way when i said “free” I meant available!


You said follow me will ring simul internal lines… But, I for instance want to use ringallv2. With ringallv2 the first extention (the primary one), rings initially, then after a certain amount of time, the other extentions will ring. How would I get 2 extentions to ring at the same time initially, then have a cell-phone ring after a certain period of time? It looks like there can only be one primary line for ringallv2. And, I read somewhere that with the ring group feature, follow-me options assigned to a certain extension will not work (when using the ring group).

Any suggestions?

Thanks again,

I’ve never had a problem with that scenario. The best thing is to dive in and try it! I’ve heard of some problems as you say, but I think the have been resolved using a queue.

I’ve seen that some things may not work with some installations, but work with others.

Good Luck. Once you figure out the quirks and such you’ll have a fine system.