Will EPM Developing to be continued?


its until a long time ago where someone has updated the Sangoma EPM.

When will the active developement of the Commercial EPM to be continued?
We have a lot of open tickets and also asked to add new devices, but it seems to be for me that nobody was working on EPM for a long time now.

I feel helpless. First the price goes up to 150$ and then nothing happens anymore.
We are ready to pay the price per customer as long we get support when there are things that need to be fixed.

What do you think about this, Community :slight_smile:.

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We are actively working on things. We do each and every day. We are just not doing releases as often as everyone has asked in general for us to do releases less frequent and spend more time on QA in general which is what we are doing.

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Thanks you for the statement @tonyclewis .


@tonyclewis , can you give us a approximate timeline when the Dev Team will start working on our reported issues? Some issues may be not so important, some of them are more important.

Our last customer got other DECT Phones from us because of SNOM Dect issues with epm. It is only one example of many.
I also asked for new Grandstream devices support some days ago with no answer:

Can you provide us some more Information about the Future of EPM with timelines?

Thank you very much,

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We have no time lines or time table. As far as adding new devices the manufactures have to come to us and add them as per their contract with us.

BTW I see we did a release last week even so not sure why you are saying we are never doing new releases. You sure you have your maint paid up on EPM?

2 of our customers bought epm 3 months ago and there the last release for freepbx 14 was over a month ago. in the changelogs i saw there where updates for epm 13.x but not for 14.x.
Edge mode is enabled.

You simply need to request we merge features from 13 into 14.

There is still a big bug on 14

This happens if you change the site or change the view from 10 lines to 25 or so.
The “Actions” tab is then broken.

Ticket is already created weeks ago.
Can you fix this please?