Will a voicemail storage limit of 100 messages prevent voicemail to email flow once limit is reached?

We have a user who had voicemail configured to send to her email but also remain at the phone.
Voicemail storage limits were set to 100 messages.
Typically, voicemail is deleted from the server once forwarded to email but they wished to have it in both places and see that indicator light on their phone as a reminder to check voicemail.
They are reporting no one can leave them a message because the storage limit has been reached.
Has this then disabled the ability for a voicemail to be forwarded to email because it would exceed the storage limit? The system wouldn’t temporarily create and forward a message to email and then delete?
Just looking for confirmation. Thank you.
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If set to 100 , then Yes, but you can have up to 1000 per mailbox

VoiceMail => Settings => Limits

It’s not a storage limit. it’s a message limit. The system checks and, if you have met the message limit, no new messages are allowed - end of sentence. Just like Verizon or an answering machine.

Thanks for clarifying the limit and confirming that once the message limit was reached no further messages would be left.

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