Wildcard use for DDNS hostnames

Hi, I’m setting up DDNS for all my company laptops. I’m doing these because when these computers are behind home routers with dynamic public IPs, and the IP changes, the softphone gets blocked until I whitelist the IP.
So the best and easiest solution is to use Dynamic DNS so the PBX always allows connections from whatever IP they get.

I was thinking of using an FQDN with a wildcard, something like computer*.domain.net under Firewall, Networks:
When I use that and use the SAVE button, it gets saved.
When I use that and use the ADD button (+), the text box of the FQDN flashes red and doesn’t seem to do anything else. So I assume it’s being rejected using this way.

Does anybody know if the FQDN with wildcard will work?

The usual approach with company laptops is a VPN connection to the office. This provides good security and allows access to files, intranet and other services unrelated to phones.

Once the VPN is connected, the softphone has a local private address in a subnet that can be whitelisted in the PBX. No DDNS needed.

IMO the wildcard scheme will not work, because all the DDNS services of which I’m aware will delete any existing A records before adding a new one.

  • is not a valid character in a domain name and cannot be looked up in DNS. The notation *.domain.net is used for wildcard certificates and similar purposes, but is only interpreted for verifying the certificate.

Thanks. Then I’ll add the individual FQDNs.

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