Wikis down for Maintenance

Hi Everyone,

Atlassian has published a security advisory for Confluence, the software that runs our OSS project wikis. There’s no firm details yet nor a fix, so as a precaution and have been taken down. As of the time of this writing, there is no ETA for a resolution.

I’d also urge anyone who runs a publicly accessible Confluence server to also look at the security advisory and take appropriate action.

Thanks for your patience.


So this is the second catastrophic whoopsie from Atlassian in like 6 months. Hey @mattf can I interest you in github :slight_smile:

For those curious There is a confluence zero day that atlassian hasn’t fixed…

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@jcolp @mattf Didn’t y’all move this stuff behind cloudflare? Not sure if you have seen this.

For Asterisk? No. As for Github and the Asterisk project, yes we will eventually move there but that’s not something that just happens overnight.

That was more me being funny lol. I completely understand the work involved. The more CI the more drama :slight_smile:

I assume everyone hates atlassian by now but like Internet Explorer its usage is so prolific it is hard to move

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Atlassian has this fixed today. Just need to upgrade your confluence.

We want to provide an update on the security vulnerability in Confluence Data Center and Server.
All supported versions of Confluence Server and Data Center are affected. Confluence Server and Data Center versions after 1.3.0 are affected.
We have released versions which contain a fix for this issue. Please follow instructions in the security advisory.

:crying_cat_face: :sob:

If you need the wikis (like we did) in the interim, you can reference older copies via the Wayback machine. They had all the wikis we were looking for archived.

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Both wikis are back online now.


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