Wiki pages regarding updates need more info


A couple of things I’ve noticed in the wiki today while looking at updates…

  1. The 10.x and older updates page makes no mention of the new distro release. I’ve been checking these pages every month or so for years to learn of upgrades. It was only due to a long period of no update scripts that I went looking into it further and found the new ISO.

  2. The page with the list of update scripts for 10.13.66 also makes no mention of it now being legacy status. If no updates are going to be done, a notice should be put on this page.

  3. The page about upgrading from 10.x to SNG7 says 32 bit users can use a conversion script to create and restore a backup. The script is not linked to. I managed to find a tool titled “Home2FreePBX”, but this is talking about migrating from Elastix or PIAF to FreePBX. If it is this script, a link would fix any confusion.

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