Wiki page clarification: migration path from OSS PBX EPM to Commercial EPM

On the Summary section of this FreePBX Wiki page there are two sentences that, IMHO, appear in contrast each other:

There is no migration path between the two in terms of preserving settings. In addition, the two cannot be used simultaneously on the same FreePBX system.

This page describes how to migrate from OSS PBX End Point Manager to Commercial End Point Manager.

Maybe I could be wrong but reading the first sentence it seems clear: no migration path. The second one instead reverts the first one: there is a migration path.

If there isn’t a migration path (as I think it was explained elsewhere) we then should avoid to use the verb “To Migrate” on the next sentence (See “This page describes how to migrate from…”). Isn’t it?

Best regards, Davide.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve updated that page to try to make it a little clearer.

It’s my pleasure Bryan, I’m a fan of Wiki way.

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Thank you Scott and Davide.

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