Wifi Phones constantly lagged


we setup some Grandstreams wp810 voip devices and they are constantly outputting following
[2021-04-06 09:02:25] NOTICE[2711] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘xxxx’ is now Lagged. (2014ms / 2000ms)

how can we fix it

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If you are not experiencing any audio issues or other issues with calls dropping/not completing, I would just ignore them. This is telling you that the phone was slow to respond to an OPTIONS packet sent from Asterisk. If you are also seeing ‘unreachable’ as well as lagged, then you do need to investigate that.

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Well that would require us to know actual details about the wifi setup. Are you using 2.4GHz or 5GHz? What does the actual connection look like in the AP, what is the signal db, SNR, etc? This could be related to a crappy wifi signal or various other network related problems.

At the moment we are using 2.4 ghz, the singal is -44 dbm,
it’s a seperated vlan for the voice

Wifi coverage is excellent.

We only see lagged peers, and once in a while unreachable.

Wifi power-save mode causes this to happen. It creates long ping times but when the phone is active (in a call) it will be no problem.

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