WIFI Based VoIP Phones

Hello All,

This is not a FreePBX question per say, but we all deal with this so I figured someone will have a suggestion. I need to get a WIFI based VoIP phone but don’t know of any good ones. Based on that I will tell you that we used the Cisco WIP310 and had issues. I’m not sure if Cisco pulled the plug on those because of the problems they have/had with them or for some other reason, but that model is out. If you have any good experiences with a WIFI based I would appreciate any info about models etc. Of course we will be hooking it up to FreePBX :wink:


I’ve deployed Groundwire (an app) on iPods and iPhones within a small office with some success. We also have a Cisco wifi desktop handset which works well over Wifi. I too looked at many cell phone style handsets but wasn’t willing to pul the trigger with any of them. Groundwire though has worked quite well.