Why shouldIi update or patch a working PBX that has no issues

I am wondering if it a good thing to update and patch a working PBX that has no issues. Loading patches or updates could brake something. Can someone give me good reasons to update or patch a PBX. I know there are enhancements with updates but in my experience with many PBX’s not just FreePBX updates and patches to often brake something that was working.

That’s true.

I my experience, mere FreePBX module upgrades rarely break anything, and if they do it’s mostly minor damage, only affecting a particular module. Sometimes permissions get screwed up and you have to run fwconsole chown.
With Distro upgrades I am more careful, had a few of those cause problems.

I would however stay current with major Asterisk or FreePBX versions (e.g. Asterisk 13 and soon coming FPBX 14). The new features are usually worth it and you don’t want to end up with an old system where it’s much harder to get support. Bug fixes are also mostly done on current versions only.


Updates fix bugs and add features. If you are not experiencing any bugs and don’t need any new functionality then you are ok not updating. The only exception would be for security updates. Those should always be applied as you don’t want to inadvertently “expierience” those bugs.

Thanks Guys that is what i thought. I needed more then me to agree so I can take it to my boss.

Thanks again!!

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