Why most, if not all PBX distributions use CentOS as a base?

Do you know why CentOS is the base Linux distribution for most PBXs?

I imagine it has to do with CentOS being a clone of Redhat Enterprise because its stability or perceived stability and tradition.

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Your avatar leads me to believe you are a BSD person. As a BSD person you may appreciate distro vs distro can be a subject at the same level as politics or religion. This same debate happens Linux vs BSD.

On reddit this topic has come up about platforms:

That post is may actually answer your question. CentOS is a Enterprise Linux derivative. Key term being Enterprise. To be taken seriously you need something built at an enterprise level. Sure there are a million distros and they all do fine. For my Desktop I use Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a fantastic “Desktop environment” for servers I use EL based distros because that is what they are for. I would never personally run centos as a desktop (though others do)

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Don’t be deceived by my avatar.

I’m more a Linux person than a BSD person. Specifically Debian. My Linux experience is mainly on servers and I have almost no desktop experience, mainly because my desktop machine is (Mac) OSX. That’s why I’m using the Darwin mascot “Hexley” as my avatar.

As you surely guessed, this question has “Distro preference” written all over. It comes from my frustration while installing FreePBX and related software manually on Debian, rather than using a CentOS based distribution.

Our developers are typically good at posting Ubuntu instructions in our wiki

I know “ubuntu/debian aren’t the same” but the howto’s should be close enough that they are easily translated without much thought.

They work fine with Debian with the proviso that Debian Jessie and later and Ubuntu’s based on Debian 8 that now have a default webroot of /var/www/html (no longer /var/www ).

My personal recipe adds running

/usr/src/asterisk/contrib/scripts/install_prereq install

before ./configure(ing) asterisk.

CentOS == Community Enterprise Operating System

Only Debian users made this class of questions, they beleive that “their” distro is the best and always start a rant about how awesome is Debain against the CentOS distribution. And this remind me my old friend, Debian lover: drmesano from the IRC :wink: