Why might I need multiple SIP accounts?

Hi all,

We’re looking to deploy our own in-house FreePBX server and I’m looking at Sangoma phones for easy/best integration. Can someone explain why I might need 2-6 SIP accounts on a phone? Is this the same as “channels” or the number of simultaneous calls?

Are the Phone Apps only supported on the S400 and up?


You almost never need more than 1 SIP account unless you wanted to program more than 1 extension on the same phone. Usually to different PBXs.

As far as phone apps yes the S400 and higher all support them.

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I have customers that want multiple outbound caller id’s. So providing two sip accounts on separate buttons lets them control which callerid is shown to the called person. i.e. Call home on account 1. Business calls on account 2.

We use multiple SIP accounts for a few reasons. #1 is inbound routing, we provide different numbers for different services and companies and we can key on the SIP line to route to the proper IVR or extension. #2 is for direct dialing extensions. #3 is for redundancy where we spread out our SIP accounts across a few providers and if one goes down then we aren’t totally dead in the water.