Why I can't install extensions?

Hello, I have a problem I want to add a SIP extension but when I click on “application” in the FreePBX panel “Extensions” is not present …

(I installed manually asterisk 16 and Freepbx 15)

If someone could help me please

have a nice day

Don’t manually install anything , it’s taken you 10 days to get this far. and a complete waste of time.

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I’ve already installed everything, I just miss him

Then ‘add him’ it’s in the wiki.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your sentence too much

“Extensions” is part of Core. If you don’t see it you probably have Device and User mode set, which means you are even farther into expert territory (not the territory you should be in) than before with your custom Ubuntu install.

when i do : sudo fwconsole ma install sysadmin module

this message appear : Unable to install module sysadmin:

  • Unable to find the module

So … this is possible to install the module sysadmin in ubuntu 20.04 ?

No, I was messing with you, sorry :wink:

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Just tell me if I can install the sysadmin module on Ubuntu? That’s all I want to know


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Do you promise that?

Yes, if I can’t I install the distro

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