Why does editing an extension trigger checking if ALL users have fax email?

I have been chasing down a different issue, and came across this:
Every time i try to exit an extension, i see the following log pop up on /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log
[2020-Jul-23 14:18:40] [freepbx.INFO]: [NOTIFICATION]-[fax]-[invalid_email] - Invalid Email for Inbound Fax (User Manager users ‘…’ have the ability to receive faxes but have no email address defined so they will not be able to receive faxes over email,) [] []

I’ve played with the system and watched the logs enough to verify it is the act of editing any extension that causes this log to pop up… but WHY? i dont see the correlation / reason why this should be the case.

For each error, you have an attached UCP user that was likely inherited but has faxing allowed but no fax email address defined

that almost makes sense. im just confused why editing extension 1 would cause it to yell about extension 5, for example, not having email set up.

If you use UCP, then it needs configuring to suit, if you don’t just delete the un-needed users in ‘user manager’

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