Why do I keep getting locked out?

I’m playing around with the FreePBX firewall to learn more about it. I installed the FreePBX Distro on EC2 and followed the wiki on firewall configuration. Things work for a time, but I keep getting locked out of the instance and want to understand why.

Any ideas on what I’m missing / doing wrong? If you need more information, please just ask.


General outline of what I’ve been doing:

  • Launch new EC2 instance from an AMI (copy of new instance already configured for SIP/PJSIP)
  • Register FreePBX instance

System Admin Module

  • Add my ip to the whitelist. Hit “restart”

Firewall GUI:

  1. Run firewall wizard
  2. Under “Interfaces”, change “eth0” to the “Internet” zone
  3. Under “Networks”, add my ip to “Trusted” zone (xx.xx.xx.xx/32)
  4. Confirm “Safe mode” is enabled

Firewall CLI:

  • Run “fwconsole firewall list trusted” confirm my IP is trusted


  1. Register two sip client: one from “trusted” ip and the other from mobile ip
  2. Make calls from the sip clients
  3. View various screens in FreePBX GUI

I’m stumped. Anyone see any glaring errors in my configuration?

What you mean locked out? You can’t reach the GUI, SSH?

I can’t reach the box via the GUI or SSH

Have you done anything with the AWS firewall to give you access?

Yes, I created a security group to grant myself access via the GUI and SSH via.

FWIW, I’m also running a 2nd instance, with an older version of FreePBX. It uses the same security groups and I’m able to connect to it via GUI and SSH just fine, no lockouts.

Do I need configure or white list anything else in either Firewall or System Admin > Intrusion Detection - aside from my own IP?

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