Why call recordings not visible in Freepbx Fresh Installation?


I just installed freepbx on my VM and configured local extensions in it over my LAN. Then I enabled the Recordings from Freepbx UI for extensions so that the calls are recorded. However, when I go to Reports->Call Recordings, it says “This feature has not been activated…” and below that a 99$ commercial ad comes asking me to opt for that paid tool to playback recordings. Can anyone help me to playback recordings from Freepbx UI menu? I remember when I installed some previous version of Freepbx in good old days, the playback media player appeared against call records and I could play them.

You are confusing “call recording reports” a commercial module with “CDR Reports”


Sorry about the confusion.

I just want to playback the recorded audio files. Is it possible using the Freepbx UI? Where can I find the playback option?

do a search in CDR. If there are records with recordings you will get playback controls.


The recordingfile field in CDR is empty. But I don’t know what I need to do to enable freepbx/asterisks to do recording. Can you guide please?

Here is what I have done till now.

  1. Installed Freepbx
  2. Created two user accounts and 2 extensions
  3. Configured these 2 extensions in softphones on both ends
  4. In Applications->Call Recordings, I added call recordings “Add Call Recording” and selected the created extensions as Destination with “Force” option. Applied the changes after submission.
  5. Then I called one extension from other and both talked.

After finishing call, I checked the CDR from command prompt using mysql, and found that recordingfile field is empty.

Your help is highly appreciated.

There are numerous places in the GUI to configure recording, but if you are testing by calling between two local extensions, you want the recording control on the Advanced tab when editing an extension.

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Thanks! that helped.

Do you have any idea where Freepbx stores recording files? I searched on internet and found that these are stored somewhere at /var/spool/modules, but couldn’t locate “spool” directory as it says its not a directory. Any idea?

Please ignore my last post as I found the recordings location.