Why are you using chan_sip or chan_iax2?

Open poll, with one constraint: namely, if you have a legacy system that has been around a long time and you have not been compelled to upgrade, that scenario is fairly well understood. I am polling because I am curious why someone would choose chan_sip or chan_iax2 in 2020.

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iax2 for efficiency whenever trunking between asterisk servers (or servers that encompass IAX2,
FreeSwitch for example ) with lots of traffic on disparate networks.


Speaking on behalf of customers whom I have spoken to about this, I know that IAX2 is still somewhat common for connecting 2+ Asterisk systems together due to the plethora of tutorials on the 'net explaining how to do it. The main strength with using IAX2 for this, is that it’s impossible for peer trunk calls to be confused with calls from phone clients or SIP trunks, which would otherwise be a problem if you’re using the same driver for both.


Thanks; good perspectives.

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