Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)

I did a search and found a couple of threads with roughly the same error, but there were so many different versions of the error I couldn’t make out a resolution. I have attached a screenshot of the error I receive when I try to go to the FreePBX GUI.

That usually means you’ve exhausted memory. You can’t create another process because there isn’t enough memory (or enough available swap) to run the program.

There are couple of things that can do that - the most obvious is that you don’t really have enough RAM to do what you’re trying to do with the server. The other is that you have some kind of runaway process that is starting up processes until you run out of resources.

Either way, it’s not good.

I hadn’t rebooted this system in quite some time (8 months or so). A reboot allowed access. There must be a memory leak somewhere. I’m running simple FreePBX with no add-on modules aside from the purchased fax module, so i’m not doing anything I would consider out of the norm for the server.

There is no memory leak. A php application can not leak memory. With 2M systems out there we would see reports daily of memory issues.

How much memory don’t have. CentOS recommends a min of 2GB.

I agree with @tonyclewis . I doubt there’s a memory leak, but I don’t doubt that there might be a process or two that isn’t terminating on the system. These can (and should) consume a little bit of memory each. The test is to use your Unix tools to look at the system’s memory performance and try to figure out where the memory and process slots are going.

There are two causes to this - the obvious one is memory. The other is process slots - once you’ve got too many processes running, you can’t start any more and you get this same error. Unfortunately, once you get to this point, it’s really hard to troubleshoot anymore, since you get log in and do anything.