"Whoops" errors for every minor PHP problem

Just did the upgrade from 13 to 14, via the PBX Upgrader module. I’m now getting show-stopping errors for silly things like undefined variables. I’m assuming this is down to my PHP settings, or more people would be complaining about it. php.ini has error_reporting=E_ERROR (i.e. only report fatal errors.) If I disable the standard FreePBX error handler by adding $bootstrap_settings["freepbx_error_handler"] = false to /etc/freepbx.conf, everything works fine. Anything else I can try?

Never mind, found Advanced Settings / PHP Error Level. Set it long ago and never looked back!

The default error level we install from should hide most of these errors or is the default level wrong?

No worries, I’d increased the log level at some point to the highest level. It was not at the default setting.

BTW I tried replying by email to this post and got a bounce back.