Whoa, we're half way there Whoa oh, livin' on a prayer... A request for a 17 update

So we are a little past halfway through the month and we have a lucky 13 days left until Centos 7 and by association SNG7 are EOL. Can we get a status update on FreePBX 17 and where things sit. Are we going to see an RC or is it just going to stable? I know people would probably like to test what is considered “stable” prior to the EOL date but no timeline other than “June” was given. I just want to know if we can elaborate any further and perhaps give a roadmap to whats happening and what needs to happen over the next 13 days (9 working days)


I’d like to see an update on this as well.

I’m still using CE5 and Asterisk 11 for some things. Lots of projects out there are still running EOL PHP versions. EOL dates that a lot of projects cannot keep up with are just a fact of life nowadays.

You want to clarify this statement? There’s no such thing as CentOS 11.

We’re on track for a release at the end of the month. There is a slow trickle of issues being reported on GitHub, mostly related to the move to PHP8. Our current thinking is that we’ll do a release candidate or two prior to the GA.

We still want everyone to test as much as possible and report any issues found.


fixed typo

Alright that makes more sense.

So to address this, it’s one thing if you’re like 7 months behind on something going EOL and not having the time to deal with it. I get that, been there. However, using your case we are now talking about 7 years of being behind. If since the time the item has hit EOL and there have been multiple versions released and also hit EOL of the item…the project needs to re-evaluate itself because there is either a knowledge/skill ceiling being hit or someone is just purely lazy.

A lot of projects now a days are EOLing software with increased frequency on compressed timelines. Maybe because nobody wants to deal with supporting software more than a few years old anymore. The result for a lot of downstream projects, like FPBX, is that it is becoming more difficult to keep up with these compressed timelines. That was all I was trying to say.

Of course I am aware that EOLed software, where it’s not being supported for zero day stuff, is always a concern. That is obviously something everyone needs to factor in for their situation.

I’ll be honest, won’t mention but others have already sorted the upgrade or manage their own version of Centos 7, so it’s getting handled. To leave it until actual EOL is a joke. We are looking to upgrade hundreds of cloud based systems, still waiting for a proper release.

Within months if not less Centos is going to be low hanging fruit for the bad boys, once they discover what hasn’t been patched.

Feels like Sangoma prefer to deal with the good stuff they are trying to shove like Switchvox.

The way I see it, RH are the ones that left everyone hanging. Debian has been upgradeable between major versions for awhile now, so after this heavy lift switching OSes it should be much smoother in the future.

Hanging is a strong word. RH announced all of this 4 years ago when all these changes were made. Nothing with CentOS 7 was changed, CentOS 7 went from full updates to maintenance updates only back in 2020. So CentOS 7 hasn’t even been getting regular updates or feature adds for 4 years.

This project itself sat on its hands for over 3 years to make a decision and take any real action. Now we’ve been told that FreePBX 17 would be available when CentoOS 7 goes fully EOL, which is very shortly. This isn’t about “OMYGAWRD CENTOS IS EOL” it’s about a promise of delivery for FreePBX 17 which was to be around the same time as the CentoOS 7 EOL date.

Not really, plenty of time to move given their announcement time scale. Others already did it, so can bigger organisations like Sangoma. Lets face it, any distro vendor used giving away a free version has the right. I don’t agree with what they did, but always the danger with a for profit distro vendor.

Heavy lifting left to last minute for their customers and partners.

How have they sorted this upgrade? How is it being handled?

What is a proper release to you?

Some are using the existing Centos and managing their own repositories, using source code to build updates and patches. Most others have moved to a different distro already. I’m sure there are others, but Sangoma are the only system I am exposed to that used the Centos distro and still dragging their heels.

Like a few have said, Debian has worked quite well for years for some. So why not crack on earlier?

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