Who to talk to about Softphone licensing

It seems there is a problem with the portal and the reports. Currently I’m staring down the barrel of a renew of softphone licenses. They are not individually renewable it seems. I purchased a 20 pack in December of last year and since I have ones from January of last year expiring I’m being prompted to renew all 14 purchases over the last year on the earliest renewal date. Couple that with the 100 dollar increase on these and I’m looking at over 4K for softphone licenses most of which are not expired with no way to know when they expire at this point short of going into my invoices and looking for purchase dates. Can someone write a report that actually gives the purchase dates and allows us to renew the license for an individual purchase please or find me a way to do that myself? Right now I feel I’m getting screwed.

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Well, I would recommend talking to Sangoma directly.


Unless something has changed license renewal is done on a per Deployment level not a per user or bundle of users. So if you buy 20 users on 1-1-22 they would expire on 1-1-23. If on 3-1-22 you buy an additional 20 users those 20 additional users would still expire on 1-1-23 as that is when the deployment level license expires.

They would have no way of expiring some users and not the others as how would they know which users to revoke the license from if they renewed each time a year from when you bought the package.

I got this straightened out but still kinda bummed that it isn’t explicit when purchasing more user modules.

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