Who is a reliable supplier of polycom phones in the US?

So I have a nice set of Polycom vvx310s but they were picked up locally from a buyer who did not like the delayed voip signal. Looking for a reliable competitively prices re-seller in the states that sell polycom. Thanks

ohh and they need to be mid west or west cost to keep shipping times down to the Vancouver BC market.

Why not look into a Canadian supplier. Won’t have to wait for customs or pay import taxes, etc.


made contact with a local wholesaler. Thanks

made contact with one supplier but they keep dragging there feet about providing estimates. Going to call polycom now.

What is your price range for the phone. I may be able to help you with some of my vendors here (Montreal area).

I called one supplier here and they are putting me off by saying “we need to call around for pricing”. Twice I requested twice they have not sent me a quote. I think they thing I am possibly competition. Will continue to locate a company here, or from California to Washington that has a fresh supply of Polycom phones.

Well, competition or not, you are still a potential customer…

Any luck finding someone?

Not yet. BTW I did search on amazon and likes everything else they sell, they also sell polycom phones! So may just go this route for now. But really do need a real supplier who can offer support.

the problem with polycom is that they really screwed the pooch. they let their resellers sell at any price on amazon so most legitimate are being under cut. if you want the absolute lowest price and are willing to buy small quantities, then amazon is your best bet. if you want larger quantities and what reseller support (and returns) then try netxusa or 888voip