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We are in a sort of “knowlege and growth” phase of understaning our new FreePBX system and how it relates to our Sangoma IP phones. My team has done a fairly good job in terms of helping my narrow down problems so we could troubleshoot.
This problem happened this afternoon when a caller was visiting with one of the receptionists. She said she heard a “click” then nothing, then the caller redialed (I think the caller just dialed again). Can you help me tell from the logs who hung up? We get a lot of cell calls, so it isn’t uncommon to have problems with connections. If you can help me learn how to read these, I can probably troubleshoot a lot by myself. Thank you for looking at this. Here’s the log:
Hang Up Log

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Why the log? Why dont you just look it up in the cdr report module who called?

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I’m assuming the question is who hung up first. However you are using an analogue line. The default configuration for an analogue line doesn’t allow Asterisk to detect a hangup, as you cannot rely on the provider sending any disconnect supervision signal. So my first question would be what have you configured with regard to disconnect supervision, and does your provider actually provide it.

My interpretation of of the logs is that the agent hung up, but I’m not sufficiently practised in FreePBX logs to say that with certainty. However, because of above, it is quite likely that the logs will always show the agent hanging up first.

As I recall, the options that Asterisk has for detecting analogue disconnects are a temporary removal of battery voltage on the line, and the presence of busy tone mid-call. The latter can, of course, be spoofed.

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