WhiteListe Configuration

Hi all, I’m new here,
I need to solve a problem. I’m setting up a customer care service with an unique number. When someone calls this number for example 00141 this make ringing other six numbers (00603, 00653, 00854 etc)
But i need to manage 2 different scenarios:
Simple Customers: if they call the number of a single agent (for example 00603) i need to redirect this call to the unique number 00141 that makes ring other six numbers
VIP Customers: if they calls the number of a single agent (for example 00653) the call passes to the single agent
Is there something i can use in FreePBX features?
Thanks all.

Complex Ring Group and Queue configurations can set this up for you in several ways. Using Inbound Routes that tie to a specific customer’s Caller ID can also make your requirements happen.

The ‘00xxx’ extension part of the requirements chain, however, is fraught with all sorts of issues and problems. The easiest one to explain is that some of the components in the system do not honor or preserve leading zeroes, making your 00603 extension just 603. It’s something you’ll need to be aware of as you work forward, but other than that, your configuration should work fine.

The simplest way to move forward would be grab an old PC, throw the FreePBX Distro on it, and try some options. We’re available if you run into a problem you can’t readily see a solution for.

I do white listing by CID using AGI scripts: Of Robocalls and Whitelists


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