Which Telephony Card?

We’ve been using using SIP trunks exclusively for the past few years, but now we have a requirement to connect our analogue landlines (PSTN) to our PBX. We have 4 analogue landlines which we would like to connect, and I’m looking for product recommendations. Would this be suitable?

Sangoma B600E PCI Express Card 4FXO, 1FXS

I don’t understand the purpose of the FXS port on this card - we could connect an analogue phone to it?

I noticed these are available with and without echo cancellation - is it necessary? It pretty much doubles the cost.

FXO is connected PSTN line, FXS is connected with FXS phones or fax.

I see thanks, so that would typically be for a physical analogue fax machine.

Could you tell me if the card is suitable for my needs, and whether I should consider a card with echo cancellation?

for better voice quality, I would suggest you buying with echo dsp, you can consider B600 or A200 with echo.

I use a b600 without hardware echo cancellation to connect 3 PSTN lines and one analog dect cordless phone. It has been working flawlessly. I use oslec software echo cancelling just in case, as I have never experienced echo anyway.
That card supports up to 4 PSTN lines and is not expandable, so if you don’t think you’ll need additional lines in the future, this card will be enough.

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