Which SIP phones support receiving SMS/Text?

Does anyone know which SIP (hardware) phones support receiving SMS/Text messages? Being able to send also would be a bonus, but so long as we can receive that would be the primary requirement.



I thought the UCP was the only avenue for this.

I know that Yealink phones will do so via SIP MESSAGE methods.

Chan-SCCP-b will also display SMS messages on Cisco phones when connected via the right custom contexts. As far as I know, the only SMS support in FreePBX is through the proprietary SMS feature in SIPStation (Sangoma’s SIP provider).

You’re right, SMS support is very difficult (pretty much impossible) within FreePBX unless you choose to use SIPStation.

Luckily its incredibly easy and well documented in Asterisk requiring well under 10 lines of custom dialplan for each provider for basic send/receive… so we’ve just rolled our own dialplan for all of our providers.

We’ve not found a use for UCP as of yet, so I’m not concerned at this point that we can’t deliver into it, hopefully by the time we have that need Sangoma will have made the SMS interface more accessible to 3rd parties.

Here’s hoping.

Will a SIPStation SMS follow FreePBX’s dial plan? In other words if an SMS comes in to a DID will it follow the inbound route and distribute an SMS to a ring group, for example?

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