Which red bar

So after a good long 4 days I finally get to see the FreePBX administration page.

But I don’t see a ‘red’ bar.

However, I do see a ‘Apply Configuration Settings’ bar that is definitely ORANGE.

I know what red is on my screen because the Asterisk status line has an error message with a background that is definitely RED.

Should I be looking for another ‘bar’?



Yes the Apply Configuration Changes is orange. It seems like you are complaining about a set of directions given to you but without knowing exactly what you are referring to it’s hard to help?

or to verify that, that is what you need to do.

I wasn’t complaining, although I’ll probably get to that.

So we agree that the ‘Apply Configuration Changes’ is ORANGE.

My question is about the very famous ‘Red Bar’.

Is the ‘Red Bar’ the ‘Apply Configuration Changes’ bar?

Yes… or no?

If I can get the answer to that, then I can ask the next logical question.



It used to be Red long ago and in later versions it’s now orange.

Again from what context are you basing this reference off of. Some people don’t have well adjusted monitors and for others yes it has changed but they know it from one and there are those that are just lazy and know it’s simpler to type red instead of orange.

Lastly without KNOWING exactly where you are getting the reference from and to be sure that it is NOT another reference to something else it’s hard to help.

If you keep your cards tight to your breast and don’t provide the requested information we ask for when you ask you questions you’ll find that people will not be inclined to help you further.

I’d prefer to have 3 or 4 questions to deal with them one at a time then piece meal. I help here (and that goes for 99.998%) do it in our spare time and for free and we don’t know anything about you or your setup so we ask for information for a reason.

A quick good read since this is your first day posting…