Which operating system is supported?

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Still attempting to dig through the documentation but I cannot seem to get a clear view.
Which Linux Disto should we use? Centos, Ubunto and Debian?

Which is the officially supported and recommended one? We cannot use the iso image because this is a VPS server that we will run it from so I obviously need to know what is the correct choice.

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So none are officially supported, are you able to upload a KVM image to your VPS platform?

Thanks for the reply @rsmithuk

Not what I know of directly. I have full control over the system itself of course though which is Centos 8. i could use any distro flavor i want when we start the VPS up… So basically I can really anything I want with it. But to upload KVM image seems as an absent option.

I also found out that you can install FreePBX easily with snaps:
which is pretty convenient and really easy.

So it doesn’t really matter which distro you use as long as it is Linux then? :thinking:

I just want to be certain we do not hit any annoying complex road blocks later at some point if we for example purchase commercial modules and they suddenly isn’t working because the flavor of OS.

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That’s the problem, if it’s not the official ISO then in theory Commercial Modules are not supported. I think many have got them to work but if you require support from Sangoma then it gets complicated as it could be because of the OS and so may not get help. Although many will try to offer some best efforts.

I have had a data centre load the full ISO and create a template for me to use in the past as they had the ability to load the full ISO when I couldn’t.

I guess I could ask them if they could do that. Not sure if they will though.

Thank you Richard.

I installed FreePBX on NetBSD once. THAT was a real adventure.

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As mentioned above, you need to run the FreePBX distro to ensure you will have commercial support. If this is for a business operation, I highly advise using the distro to ensure you have commercial support available to you.

Although we primarily use the distro for the above reasons, we have installed on Redhat and used that too.

The distro installs it’s own version of Cent OS and has been tweeked to suppor this project. What is the benifent of rolling your own?

VPS, that you can load your own operating system it not a solution for this app.

Check out https://www.freepbxhosting.com/#packages good place to start with. Price is 19.99 per month. How much is the monthly fee for the VPS you have, and why did you select it to host your FPBX?

We’re just rolling it our on vultr.com for our company. Easy and we just load the official distro iso into their system.

Thanks guys for the feedback and suggestions.

that place is pricy

How so?
They charge for example 10 USD per monthly for something you charge 25 USD @posi211 It think it looks more like you are the expensive one. You even get +50% more disk space than you offer. So i cannot see your logic.

I double checked on the price. That could be a good deal.

Let us know how it goes. For me I do bare metal. I have had issues with sharing hardware in the past.

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