Which hardware should i used to integrate Analog PABX with Freepbx

Hi everyone,
i have successfully installed FreePBX.Every module is working fine on soft phone.now i need to connect around 400 Analog phone with this freepbx but it is so expensive to get 400 FXO port Analog device.is there any method i could connect 400 Analog Telephone line with freepbx?i need to implement to hotel which have 350 room.some Enginer advice me to use TDM800P PSTN card but i dont know how it work with Analog PABX, somebody please help me.
thanks in advance.

For 400 analog phones your reasonable solutions are channels banks (perhaps adit or xorcom), or a your legacy pbx interfaced on it’s available trunks. You would need 50 odd 8 port analog cards and few hardware systems have that many pci slots.

First, you need FXS not FXO ports. Also what are your requirements? Do you need to be able to light the message waiting lamp.

The lease expensive option is reconditioned channel banks Carrier Access ADIT’s are plentiful but Adtran and many other vendors make them. Each one support two t1 ports. To get to 400 extensions you need 20 T1 ports. The least expensive way to do that is a Cisco router with T1 interfaces. Again, on the reconditioned market.

Any solution with new hardware is going to cost a significant amount of money. Far more than $4000 worth of channel banks.

It sounds like you are on a limited budget and have not done any engineering for this solution. You need to connect to hotel billing for LD, resetting VM etc. Also what about wire management for 400 lines? How are you going to integrate the solution.

You might think about taking on a partner with more experience to support you on this project. What part of the world are you in?

(In other words, if would continue to use your PBX, and your PBX uses analog trunks, then you would need that many FXO interfaces, if it uswes Digital trunks, then that many PRI/T1 ports)

Let make it clear,the hotel have analog Panasonic PBX system,
this hotel have around 350 rooms & all rooms have traditional analog phone & connected with Panasonic pbx system.

everything is working fine,but i know i could get more future from freepbx like connecting hotel billing ,customize VM ,wakeup call and many more.

In Ethiopia to get short code (caller id) you need to have E1 line so i will ask E1 line from service provider and connect to PRI card then will connect it with my Freepbx server now the problem is how could connect freepbx server with Panasonic PBX?

Am trying to develop small ivr application on freepbx server which help each hotel customer who live in hotel can dial on IVR and know billing and other support information like how to use internet and when is breakfast time end and other hotel rule & regulation.

If this Panasonic device support SIP is there any option i could connect with freepbx using TDM800P PSTN card?

I don’t understand the connection between SIP and the TDM800P or how you intend to integrate the Panasonic to FreePBX.

That is way i come to forum, i need to know if there is any possibility

if the possibility to connect 350 analog phone to freepbx is hard i will aslo need to see other option like using 350 ip phone because the hotel have lan network too.but which one you recommend me to use intermes of price & benefit