Which distro I should use with chan_dongle?

I have tried to compile chan_dongle with the alpha (asterisk 12) and stable (asterisk 11) and both failed. May I know which distro / asterisk combination that will work with chan_dongle installation? Thanks.

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To be precise, I got the following error with Alpha / Asterisk 12 with Chan_dongle.

chan_dongle.c: In function ‘public_state_init’:
chan_dongle.c:1668: error: too few arguments to function ‘ast_format_cap_alloc’
make: *** [chan_dongle.o] Error 1

I have overwritten the Asterisk 11 patch from https://codeload.github.com/jstasiak/asterisk-chan-dongle/zip/asterisk11
and start compile.

Thanks alot

After reading the source code, the affected code is just a safty checking so I assume that I can ignore it. So I comment the if statment and the module can successfully compiled (after making change on destinate location to lib64).
But the modile still cannot be loaded. with the following errors:-

Command 'module load chan_dongle.so ’ failed.
> Registering module chan_dongle
> Unregistering module chan_dongle

No more error message throw… by using asterisk -rvvvvvvvv
No idea of why it failed…