Which Codec is Used for Paging

we have some grandstream GSC3505 speakers, and the sound is coming through with a constricted sound when paging. kind of like a garden house that somebody is standing on. i am assuming it’s a sound processing issue; as in, codec.
what is the codec used for paging/intercom, so i can make sure it’s on the list for used codecs. we are running the page pro module and are playing music over the intercom on schedule, but it sounds bad. trying to get it resolved.


app_page.c has no reference to codecs. It looks to me a though the outgoing calls are set up in the same way as for a simple call, as far as codecs are concerned, before being dumped into the conference.

app_page.c doesn’t seem to be channel technology aware, so it will set up calls to channels with fixed codecs.

Are you sure you aren’t just exceeding some resource limit?

thank you for looking into that for me. you could be right, there could be a different issue at play. i’ll keep digging into it.

What codec is being sent to the speaker? What format is the music in? Is Asterisk transcoding it? If you call one speaker directly (avoiding the conference bridge) and put it on hold, does the music still sound bad?

hey stewart1, i’m curious, is there a stewart2? and is stewart1 technically the second stewart after the initial stewart? :grin:
i am checking all of the above right now. also, the speakers are on the opposite side of a wireless subscriber link (ubiquiti LTU) and i wanna check if that has anything to do with it. can’t imagine it does, because they’re high capacity (200mbps) links and other voip applications (facetime, microsoft teams, whatsapp) all work without flaw. let me run a few troubleshooting steps and i’ll let you know what i find. perhaps, against my initial judgement, the speakers just sound that bad.


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