Which Codec G723 and G729 to Choose?

Hi all.

May I ask for suggestion on which G723 or G729 I should download for my Intel I7 950 3.07Ghz?

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I don’t see any of the new I* cpu in it. Pls advise? Many thanks in advance for all of your help.

Those are unlicensed, unsupported CODEC’s.

I have also removed the address from your post.

Purchase g.729 licenses from Digium if you need a low bit rate CODEC.

They are also not a panacea for bad connections. They are even more sensitive to packet loss since more information is encoded in less space.

Thanks SkykingOH. I didn’t know about the unlicensed…

However, that being said, The question remain. Which one? I went to Digium website and I don’t mind paying for the license since it’s only 10 bucks. But it asked the same question. I just need to understand the answer.

Can anyone suggest the answer?

Digium has a tool you run that tells looks at your processor and it’s capabilities then downloads the correct version.

If you have an i series (awful lot of power for a phone system), you could use core 2 optimization without any issues.

Thanks for the input SkykingOH. Yeah the CPU sounds a lot but it’s actually running as a VM on ESXI. So far so good though… With all of you guys at freepbx help of course:-)

Then the CODEC can only use the capabilities of he Virtualized CPU

Fortunately or unfortunately, yes SkykingOH. So far working very nicely though. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t saying that negatively.