Which cloud provider do you prefer for a hosted Freepbx deployment?

I think I’m going to have my Freepbx instance cloud-hosted and I’m curious which services you all like, and why. I’ve seen things like Vultr, Digital Ocean as well as AWS but I don’t know much about the use of either so I have no means of determining if the pricing is good, etc…

Here is another option: https://systmsvc.com

I have not used the services but, I have worked with the team on some other things and they have been quite pleasant and knowledgeable.

We have been using VULTR for all our cloud hosted deployments for a few years now with zero issues. Very happy with the pricing, reliability and features. Especially like being able to upload your own ISO when launching a server…

I think AWS is the most expensive but we’ve found it to be the most stable and gave us the best results overall. We test drove Vultr and Digital Ocean and while the VMs worked without issues we found that network issues would degrade call quality. It could have been we got unlucky with data center assignments but we didn’t really have the resources to test everything up and down the chain.

Eventually we just settled on going with AWS and have been pretty happy ever since but like I said AWS is probably the most expensive out of all of them.

I would start with the provider you already use for other hosted services.

I have done numerous deploys on AWS, Azure, Vultr, and DigitalOcean and would recommend any of them.