Which asterisk versions are supported?

I tried to find out which asterisk versions are supported by FreePBX?

I upgraded my Asterisk 1.4 to Asterisk 1.6.1 and things stopped working. Somehow Asterisk 1.6.1 seemed to ignore my “dahdichanname = no” setting, all inbound and outbound calls through the PRI failed because asterisk was showing messages about DAHDI on the console which i guess should have been ZAP.

Nevertheless, i couldn’t find anywhere which Asterisk versions are supported by FreePBX, perhaps an idea to publish this somewhere?

well as i know asterisk 1.6 doesn’t support the use of Zap, so i think you have to use Dahdi (install it instead of Zaptel) make the changes in your dialplan (whenever you see Zap replace it with Dahdi), set yourdahdichanname = no to yes.
and i think that’s it your pb will vanish (you might need to reinstall asterisk).
i hope that will help you!


Yes i know it doesn’t support ZAP. I already did the upgrade from ZAP to DAHDI with my Asterisk 1.4 installation and i am using dahdichanname = yes already.

This works fine on Asterisk

Asterisk is still displaying ZAP on the console and not DAHDI (like it should because we set dahdichanname).

However Asterisk 1.6.1 seems to ignore dahdichanname completely.

That’s why i was asking which versions are known to work.

Speaking about DAHDI vs ZAP. Is there any roadmap for the conversion to DAHDI in FreePBX? With ZAP we seem to be at the end of the road

I posted a question to the asterisk-users list and got this reply from Kevin P. Fleming at Digium :

No. Only Asterisk 1.4.x releases support ‘dahdichanname’; 1.6.x releases
require DAHDI, and will only support DAHDI channel names. If you saw any documentation to the contrary please point it out so we can get it fixed.

This means that Asterisk 1.6 will never work with FreePBX if you use any hardware that needs DAHDI. I guess that nobody in the community is using FreePBX with Asterisk 1.6 otherwise i guess i should have found an earlier post.


just yesterday I updated my PBX to Asterisk + DAHDI, working with a Zap analog card.

Ratherthan trying to mask dahdi with dahdichanname, set zap2dahdicompat=true in amportal.conf

Freepbx then generates dahdi files rather than zap files.




If set to true, FreePBX will check if you have chan_dadhi installed. If so, it will

automatically use all your ZAP configuration settings (devices and trunks) and

silently convert them, under the covers, to DAHDI so no changes are needed. The

GUI will continue to refer to these as ZAP but it will use the proper DAHDI channels.

This will also keep Zap Channel DIDs working.

I’ve tried Asterisk 1.6 for each of the three versions so far and none have worked properly yet, so I’m staying with 1.4.x until they get it a bit more stable.

FreePBX supports 1.2.x, 1.4.x and 1.6.x.


asterisk.org and digium published on May 19, 2008 that zap was to be replaced by Dadhi and that zap will not be a option with 1.6 due to a Trademark issues with the naming of zap. So that is why it was changed to Dadhi (redesign is yet another issue). Since that time and per there agreement it has been the new choice for “Zap” type interfaces since that time. This also effected all future new releases of asterisk so that versions starting with and above would support Dadhi and not Zap. These are asterisk issues, not FreePBX issues.

Shortly after the first formal release of Dadhi (within a week of the first release) came out, FreePBX has had built in support for Dadhi, to make things both backwards and forwards compatable it requires you to enable the zap2dadhicompat option in the amportal.conf file as rjenkinsgb pointed out above. This option tells the plan generator to use Dadhi behind the scenes but still refer to them as Zap in the GUI as that was what people were used to seeing.

As for 1.6 support:
While support 1.6 does exist and it implemented, please realize that some of the programs that are distributed with FreePBX (and many others with some other dirstos) still do not support Dadhi. The Flash Operator Panel (FOP) is one of them. The author of the FOP has been working on it at his own pace, you can find out where that support sits by going to www.asternic.org.

Thanks for the comprehensive reply, maybe it would be an idea to publish this somewhere on the freepbx site?

For the moment i will stick to Asterisk 1.4 with ZAP compatibility mode till all modules in FreePBX will be DAHDI compatible.

All “FreePBX” code is Dadhi ready and aware. The FOP was included because people asked for it, but it is not a module of FreePBX.

But, FreePBX is it asterisk 1.6.1.x full compatible (except fop) or not ?

For your info there is a new version of FOP released @ 22-07-09 which should be compatible with asterisk 1.6 will it be in freepbx too? :slight_smile: