Where to download freepbx older then 12?

I have had zero help and think there is a issue in 13 so…want to go back to a very stable version of freepbx. Did not see the link that is older then 12.

We do not provide links for older than 12. I’ve seen people help you on both IRC and the forums.

Also, please, report issues.

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If you have an issue post it here otherwsie it will never get fixed


Its simple registration issue and I have submitted the link with details.I added the details in text. Cannot register xlite against freepbx 13

Seems to me like plenty of people are trying to help you out.

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it RTFM :slight_smile:

Hi @lortech

I did not like the new stuff much either,
but only because I did not want to spend the time to learn the new bits.

But I am sure that you can still download an older version, pre new stuff, from the download site.
You have to look hard as it is just a link on one keyword.

Still believe they are V12 but pre dawn of doom.
But new things are often better in the long run.

I’m feeling pretty parched myself now. time for tea.