Where to.Configure Call Group/Pickup Group for all extensions

I’ve been looking for where to set Call Group number and to enable Call Pickup for the group members.

Searches have turned up countless replies that read like:

“When you set up the extensions, create pickup groups (numbered from 1 to whatever) and assign the extensions to the groups. Anyone in the group can pick up a call in that group using the “call pickup” function.”

This indicates beyond a doubt that I should be able to set this up. BUT WHERE?

Is this in a module?
Is this something I have to edit in extensions.custom.conf?
I can’t seem to find what all the replies I’ve read infer is really simple and easy to do.

What am I missing?

Where do I associate a Group Number with all of my extensions?

Where do I then enable Call Pickup, so that any extension can pick up any other ringing extension?

The really confusing part is how this was working a few weeks ago and now isn’t. I’ve clearly jacked it up, but I can’t figure out where to look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s those fields in the Advanced tab under the extension. They’re marked Call Groups and Pickup Groups. That’s it.

You want x100 and 101 to be in group “sales” you add that to the Call Groups field. You want x200 to pickup calls in “sales” you add that to its Pickup Groups field.

Is there any place I could have changed one setting to make this not work?

I think I would have remembered it if I had gone to every extension one at a time and changed these settings.

Because it was working before, several have confirmed this, it doesn’t seem like this would be the answer.

If this is the only way to do it, would I simply type “all users” in those fields for each extension individually?

Is there a place to assign all users to Call Group 1, other than as a Ring Group?

Thanks for the response!

Call Groups and Pickup Groups are peer/endpoint settings for the devices. So these need to be at the endpoint level so they are assigned to the channels when needed. There isn’t an “all users” because it’s not related to users it’s related to endpoints.

If x100 says it has pickupgroups=1,2,3 and x101 as callgroups=1 that means x100 would be able to do a pickup on 101 or any other endpoint that had callgroups=1 set to them.

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