Where to buy D series phones for FreePBX?

(Icd Mike) #1

Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to buy the Sangoma branded D series phones for use in FreePBX? I inquired with Sangoma, but seem to be getting pointed to getting a quote for SwitchVox instead of just for phones.

I’m hoping someone in the community has purchased and has suggestions.

(as a side note, is SwitchVox just a paid version of FreePBX?)


(Defcomllc) #2

VOIPSUPPLY.COM is where I get mine

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

No. Both are based on Asterisk but are otherwise completely different.

VoipSupply is a good option, and you can also buy from the portal store: https://portal.sangoma.com/store

(Icd Mike) #4

Thank you both for the info. So, maybe I’m mistaken that the D series phones would be Sangoma branded. It seems they’re still Digium. Is that correct?


(TheJames) #5

S Series are Sangoma
D Series (different phones all together btw) are Digium and came in with the acquisition.

(Lorne Gaetz) #6

All Sangoma phones are Sangoma branded now. D phones may bear the old Digium branding, but they are identical.