Where to begin?

Not sure where to begin with my intended setup and hoping some here might advise on how they would set this up.

What I have is a pbx that will have calls for two different companies coming in. They are both my companies and I am prepending the CID so that I can see which company the call is coming in for when it comes through the trunk.

Where I am getting lost is what I want is to have my VP59 that is on my desk ring for either and have BLF set up that shows the status of those incoming ring groups. I have them as Ring Groups now but presence information doesn’t seem to be working.

I enivision it this way that I will have the VP59 on my desk as an “Operator/Default” extension that gets routed any incoming calls from numbers that aren’t specified and then I would like BLF keys that show the presence info for the 2 Company Specific Extensions. So that I can answer either and see if those lines are in use.

I am not sure how to set this up. I also have two Cordless SNOM phones that I have in the ring groups so that I can answer if I am not at my desk. I am not concerned with how these are set up really and don’t need anything other then them to ring with the correct CID which is fine the way it is set up now with the ring groups.

All I need to figure out is how to get BLF’s that indicate presence info on my VP59 and I think I will have what I need.

If I am on the wrong path feel free to suggest totally different path. I am not set on having this done a certain way. And ultimately if what I am looking for is not really possible that’s fine too. Was just hoping some Wizard out there would know how to accomplish this.


Sounds like you just need to look at the user manual for that phone to set up BLF

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